"Africa by Road" (e-book)

The first run of the printed version of "Africa by Road" sold out with 250 copies. Currently only the e-book is avaliable for sale, although we are currently working on a second run of the printed book. It is set to be released in November 2013. More details coming soon.  

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The idea for this book came several months into my yearlong documentation work with Action Africa Help International. I started photographing from the vehicle between locations in the field both as a cure for boredom and to further document day-to-day life in rural Africa. The majority of these photos were taken from a moving vehicle, although a few of them were shot within 5 to 10 feet of a paused one.

The included text is versions of blog posts that I wrote during my travels across Africa, thoughts and perceptions of the world passing just beyond my fingertips. In this instance what I really want to show is normal people living normal lives, regardless of location, race or gender. The e-book is over 100 pages long with photographs from four different African countries.

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